How To Prepare For Your Spray Tan

Having a spray tan is the best way to get a natural, healthy glow, without having to expose your skin to any harmful UV rays. At Be Waxed And Tanned we take care of everything when it comes to having a spray tan, but there are some things you can do at home to prepare yourself and your skin.



It’s important to remove any dry or dead skin. There are a number of exfoliating products available to buy but we recommend using sugar and water to gently scrub your skin before your spray tan. Avoid using any oil based products as they will leave a residue on your skin that could prevent your spray tan from working.


Before your spray tan, make sure you have a shower and remove any rescue build up. After your shower, don’t apply any moisturising products, deodorant, perfume or makeup.



Protect your finger and toe nails from discolouration by applying a clear nail varnish. If you are a tanning regular, protect your nails to avoid any colour build up over time.


Wear dark, lose clothing with sandals or thongs. Avoid wearing anything tight or any shoes or socks as this may rub the tan away before it’s had time to develop. You may even like to wear no underwear so that you get a nice all over tan without any marks.


We recommend going completely nude in order to get a nice all over tan. But of course if you are not comfortable then wear dark underwear or ask us for some paper knickers.

Leave the rest to us!

We will make sure that you feel completely relaxed and comfortable throughout the whole process and end up with a gorgeous all over tan. 

After your spray tan we will give you advice on how to get the best results from your tan, including when to wash it off and a run down of the things that may ruin your tan.

If you have any questions about spray tanning or you want to book an appointment, call or text our salons and we will be more than happy to help:

BYRON BAY: 0434 522 240 

BALLINA: 0401 374 433