First timer series: Eyebrows


First timer series: Eyebrows


A friend once asked me "If I am ever in a coma will you come and pluck my eyebrows?"
I couldn't understand this… having very limited hair growth, I had never had my eyebrows waxed.  I'd plucked the odd hair here and there. Stared at my brows in consternation as I willed them to grow a little thicker and darker so I too could groom and sculpt them. But alas… 31 years passed and they remained the same, untamed and uncomment worthy.
Speaking with Carla at Be Waxed and Tanned she said- "We could always tint them, that way we'll have more to play with. You can totally work with that!"

And so today I ventured for my very first eyebrow wax.
Adele was totally calm and unperturbed, "This is my first time" I told her. "Really?" she says "You will love it."
How can you be so sure? I thought… Is it going to hurt? WIll I look like Spock from Startrek? What if I hate them? I just smiled and laid back as though it was the most casual and comfortable thing in the world to do. The tint went on first, super fast and easy. No pain yet I though rather triumphantly.
The wax went on warm and inviting,  I braced. Riiiiip - short and sharp the first strip comes off. Ouch, but hey I am a Mum-  I eat pain like that for breakfast.
It wasn't even painful, more annoying like a 3 year old incessantly in your ear "Mumma Can I have a DVD?" "Mumma paint my nails" "Mumma Mumma I need to do a wee wee" " Mummmma MUMMA!"
At least I am alone and it is quiet. I find the eyebrow brushing and grooming quite zen like.

"I haven't changed your shape" she says "I have just gone around them and tidied it up a bit"
I stand up and look in the mirror and think uhoh! They are rather dark and arched nice and high.
"Do I look really surprised?" I ask freaking out in my head. "No" Adele replies " They look great, really natural and they frame your face."

So I come home, I shower, I look again... I am in love. They look so great! They really have changed my face. I look more polished and like someone I want to know.
The power of eyebrow waxing… It could be the second glass of Shiraz I just poured but I am pretty darn sure this has changed my life forever.

I need to call Victoria. "If I am ever in a coma…"